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Commissions are opened!
Mount speedpaint colorize commission by emmagucci
Ratzinger by emmagucci
Mad Ratzinger by emmagucci
Ratziger getting mad by emmagucci
That you need to do is just ask! Describe me well that you want to seen and how you want me to paint it (digital o r traditional,manga style ect.)Also tell me if you want it to be done by a specific date. The price isn't fixed,so contact me even if you don't have all that points = )

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I should talk about myself, where I live, how I got started , but for me those things doesn't matter for art. Art should be recognizable to all, in all countries and in all epoche.I believe that a work of art can communicate your message more immediately and intensely than a thousand words. And the ideas do not die. The emotions evoked by the works remain in people even after their death , even after destruction of the artwork itself. That's why I like to create . I'm not very good at it, I've never studied drawing, painting or sculpture , but I feel blessed to work on artifacts and paintings. I do whatever come to my mind. The digital paintings require less materials , but this does not detract the taste of touching the paper with the brush, sewing, gluing . The problem is that cosplay and model essentially requires money (which I don't have) . Unfortunately I'm still not demanded enough ^ ^ ' But I try to open commissions,because I would like to donate some money to charity for one of Dollar$ missions.


Dovrei parlare di me stessa,di dove abito,come ho iniziato,ma per me non sono cose importanti per l'arte. L'arte dovrebbe essere riconoscibile da tutti,in tutti i paesi e in tutte le epoche.Io credo che un'opera d'arte possa comunicare il messaggio più immediatamente ed intensamente di mille parole. E le idee non muoiono. Le emozioni suscitate dalle opere restano nelle persone anche dopo la morte dell'artista,anche dopo la distruzione dell'opera in questione. Per questo mi piace creare.Non sono molto brava,non ho mai studiato disegno,pittura o scultura,però provo gioia nel lavorare ai manufatti e disegni. Faccio tutto quello che mi passa per la testa. I disegni digitali richiedono meno materiali,ma ciò non toglie il gusto di toccare la carta con il pennello,di cucire,di incollare. Il problema è che fare cosplay e creare modelli richiede sostanzialmente denaro (che non ho). Purtroppo non sono ancora abbastanza richiesta ^^' Tuttavia ci provo ad aprire le commissioni dato che vorrei donare dei soldi in carità per una delle missioni di Italian Dollar$ (che potete svolgere anche voi :… ) .


Я долженабы рассказать о себе , где я живу , как я начала , но по моему мнению эти вещи не имеет значения для искусства. Искусство должно быть узнаваемым для всех, во всех странах и во всех эпохах. Я считают, что произведения искусства могут передать сообщение,мысль более непосредственно и интенсивно, чем тысяча слов. К тому же,идеи не умирают. Эмоции , вызванные работами остаются у людей даже после смерти автора , даже после уничтожения самого произведения искусства . Вот почему мне нравитса создавать. Я не очень хороша в этом , я никогда не изучала рисоввние, живопись или скульптуру , но я чувствую себя счастливой работая над артефактамм и картинами. Я делау все, что приходит мне на ум . Цифровые картины требуют меньше материалов , но это не одберет вкус касания бумаги кистью, шитья, склеивания. Проблема в том, что косплей и моделирование по существу требует денег ( которых у меня нет ) . К сожалению, я до сих пор не достаточно востребованна ^ ^ ' Но я пытаюсь открыть комиссий , потому что я хотелабы пожертвовать немного денег на благотворительность для одного из миссий БАКСОВ (DOLLARS).
You can also contact me on
and :twitter:
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Journal History

I've started very soon to paint. When I was about five I already used watercolours. Here is one of my fist artworks: The dawn by emmagucci
During the school I did some art homework studies from real :yellow autumn by emmagucci Vessels' study by emmagucci Minoic Vase by emmagucci,

but I always prefer to use my fantasy Cat Bread Face . If you're curious about some particular piece,please ask in comments of this piece. Thanks.
Love is the cure by emmagucciRomantic vegetarian dinner by emmagucci  Jack P. in Wonderland by emmagucci

Kiss of Nature Dress by emmagucciTeddy Bear Soft Hug by emmagucci Let it Bee by emmagucci

Fish eye by emmagucci

Gobi Desert by emmagucci

Collection of Workbook covers by emmagucci

Workbook Cover by emmagucci

I learned a lot from doing copies of paintings and statues of famous artists. Unfortunately I give away many of them ,before making a scan copy for myself.
Hold the World by emmagucci Me and Kilmt love Hugs and you? by emmagucci

 Winter stamp by emmagucci Night View of Saruwakacho by emmagucci 

Basilica di San Vitale by emmagucciDavid by emmagucci

A piece of peaceful land by emmagucciCopy of Seurat's Grand Jatte:Grey Weather by emmagucciThe Papal Palace, Avignon - Paul Signac (My part) by emmagucci
Lady by emmagucci I tried to make their tecnique mine,but for me the piece of arwork must tell something and stay in mind.  FutCity by emmagucciThe War by emmagucciGeishaH by emmagucciGeisha's letter - front by emmagucci
Tree of Life by emmagucci Dream by emmagucci

I like to experiment with styles and techniques. I also like artisan crafts,photos,digital artworks,tattoo and so. The important thing remains to tell a story or give a message through art.

Ssh,don't wake THE ANGEL by emmagucci

There's no shadow without light and no light without darkness... Angel is sleeping  and so closing eyes to the Earth problems..

Hope is just another mirage
Hope is just another mirage by emmagucci

dehydrated and starving child looks at clouds and hopes it'll raind...he sees a dove,so is the rainy sky just a dream,another mirage or is there really a hope for him?

"The cost of the progress"

Grand Jatte Grey Weather saw by a future classict by emmagucci The cost of the progress by emmagucci

The protagonist of the work is a neo-classical in the near future (2026). He elaborates in a personal way the Grande Jatte in his minimalistic apartment.Hi hides from contemporary society and the polluted environment , but he can't escape from himself. By now he is corrupt too, can not imagine a pristine world, thinks so rigidly scientific and economic. He realizes that the situation is irreversible and throws himself out of the window.
The story is represented by a small miniature,made by me in poor material,like garbage which emphasize the decadence of the century.


Gaia by emmagucci

The mankind uses the Earth for their own welfare and does not care to preserve the Earth for riches economiche.In the illustration you see that an influent man for the money lets our polluted planet, surrounded by ships, aircraft, nuclear power plants and oil towers, and without hope, in war (the dove followed by a missile launched from Earth), go on fire (global warming). Only when he will be alone, having only the money, dying, he will notice the rest of the universe and understand how small he is in front of billions of galaxies.
Song related: Serj Tankian - Harakiri 


Ole! by emmagucci
I wanted to represent the row reality, just how it is and that many seem not to see or pretend not to notice. A man intent on cheering for his team watching world cup, which doesn't notice nor his daughter (who is posting the pictures of herself naked), nor the war (in Ukraine) that is right outside. Not only television, but also the newspapers do not know how to give the news or don't verify the other ones (I say news, but for the most part are gossip) they print. For this I put a newspaper on the table. It is an extreme example of how the media make us focus on irrelevant things and divert us from the problems (conflicts and lack of logical sense and decency among young people and social networks). The real communication between people is missing. The interest for the next vanished almost entirely."I" prevails. Access to the goods is limited to the minority of people, but they do not realize it and needlessly waste energy resources.

Thing I see in Nature by emmagucci Doctor Who-Gintama by emmagucci
Dr. Cat by emmagucci

Ratziger getting mad by emmagucci

"Nemi loves Zac"

Nemi loves Zac by emmagucci

Nèmi is a very happy-go-lucky girl. She is mostly seen smiling all the time. She can, though, be serious, a bit quiet or silent if something comes up. She cares a lot for her friends and always stick close to them.She can use fire magic. She can create fire and control it. 
Zac is a typical boy. He loves cars, baggy clothes and girls. He is positive, loud and at times very annoying. He's charming and grins a lot. But at the same time, he is really lazy and chill and likes to relax. He's a really good buddy when you need it.He can use water magic. 
They are not together, but they have romantic feelings between them, so you can draw them as that or just friends! Zac is often hugging and touching Nèmi and is all over her, happy. Nèmi really cares for him, and enjoys his company.

With this painting I wanted to illustrate their warm and romantic relationship ,but at the same time naive, childish, genuine, friendly. They innocently play and they're happy just like children. When they are together they forget about the rest of the world and problems. They stick to their love, represented by the solid and growing tree with the words "Némi (loves) Zac" made by the girl's magic.

-A close up of Némi's face
- W.I.Ps
- Song I was inspired by: Maaya Sakamoto feat. Steve Conte - THE GARDEN OF EVERYTHING ~Denki Rocket ni kimi o Tsurete~

"The Golden Zen"

Untitled by emmagucci

fragility of existence

fragility of existence by emmagucci


Time by emmagucci

Reminder Butterfly evanescence by emmagucci

The Butterfly Project (DOLLARS):
The Rules are:
1. When you feel like you want to cut, take a marker, pen, or sharpies and draw a butterfly on your arm or hand.
2. Name the butterfly after a loved one, or someone that really wants you to get better.
3. You must let the butterfly fade naturally. NO scrubbing it off.
4. If you cut before the butterfly is gone, you’ve killed it. If you dont cut, it lives.
5. ...If you have more than one butterfly, cutting kills all of them.
6. Another person may draw them on you. These butterflies are extra special. Take good care of them.
7. Even if you don’t cut, feel free to draw a butterfly anyways, to show your support. If you do this, name it after someone you know that cuts or is suffering right now, and tell them. It could help.

 "The Orange Day"

The Orange Day by emmagucci
My present to my bf for this 14th April Orange Day. Took me about 6 h of photoshop xD

my cosplays

cosPLAY CRASHERS by emmagucci
Cheshire Cat by emmagucciSailor Bee 3 by emmagucci
Hitagi goes on a date 1 by emmagucci

My OCs for the future card game

Sea Elf

Sea Elf by emmagucci
Sea Elf Character Cosplay Concept Outfit by emmagucci
Sea Elf Portrait Particular by emmagucci 

"Green Butterfly Elf"

Green Butterfly Elf by emmagucci


sweetheart by emmagucci

"The Artist's Magic Stick"

Artist's Magic Stick by emmagucci

"Someone over the Rainbow "

Someone over the Rainbow by emmagucci Someone Over The Rainbow (Nudity) by emmagucci

Angel of darkness by emmagucci "The Angel of Darkness"

Visit my Gallery Foulders for more!!
Stay tuned and watch me to see my future artworks *Free Icon/Emote* Pusheen (So exciting!) 


Pearl by emmagucci
I've uploaded some more pics to this album on my facebook page (just follow the link and scroll down to see them ^^) :…

Pearls by Ilaria Graziano and The Seatbelts
(Cowboy Bebop OST):
Pearl by emmagucci
I've uploaded some more pics to this album on my facebook page (just follow the link and scroll down to see them ^^) :…

Pearls by Ilaria Graziano and The Seatbelts
(Cowboy Bebop OST):
Pearl by emmagucci
I've uploaded some more pics to this album on my facebook page (just follow the link and scroll down to see them ^^) :…

Pearls by Ilaria Graziano and The Seatbelts
(Cowboy Bebop OST):
Pearl by emmagucci
I've uploaded some more pics to this album on my facebook page (just follow the link and scroll down to see them ^^) :…

Pearls by Ilaria Graziano and The Seatbelts
(Cowboy Bebop OST):
Pearl by emmagucci
I've uploaded some more pics to this album on my facebook page (just follow the link and scroll down to see them ^^) :…


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